CB STUFFER Gourmet Peanut Butter Cups

  • $6.50

These gourmet peanut butter cups are to die for! They are gigantic - weighing in at over 1/3 lb. each! Seriously, each is multiple servings. I just cut off a little bit and keep in the fridge. Grab some for Stocking Stuffers!

Available in 6 flavors!

1. Cookie Monstah - 5.5 oz. Milk peanut butter cup with chocolate chip & cookies n cream cookies.

2. All Natural Dark Chocolate - 5.5 oz all natural peanut butter patty covered in dark chocolate.

3. NEW Classic M&M - 5.7 ounces of m&m's blended with peanut butter and covered in milk chocolate.

4. S’mores - 5.5 oz. Milk peanut butter cup with graham crackers & marshmallow.

5. Caramel - 5.6 oz of our freshly made caramel topped peanut butter cup covered in milk chocolate.

6. Salted Pretzel - 5.5 oz. of peanut butter and pretzels covered in milk chocolate topped with sea salt.

**Smores, salted pretzel and cookie monstah are not gluten free. GF options include caramel, all natural dark chocolate and M&M.

6 month shelf life provided the product is not in direct sunlight and away from heat and humid conditions

Made in Mass, USA.