Country Bathhouse Fruit Loops Gift Set Bundle

  • $25.00

This bundle contains an 8oz Double Date, 3.5oz Loofah Soap and 4oz Sea In Color salt scrub, all in their best selling Fruit Loops scent and packaged in a decorative gift bag.  

Retail value: Double Date ($12), Loofah Soap ($8), Sea in Color salt scrub ($14). Bundled savings of $9! 

Fruit Loops smells like fruit cereal with a distinct note of citrus. Fades to a cotton candy finish. 

8oz Double Date | This luscious whipped body soap doubles as a shave cream that can be used on the body or face. Each scent is made with pure fragrance which makes it perfect for sensitive skin. As a body soap, apply to wet skin using circular motions and then rinse with warm water. As a shave cream, soften skin with warm water before applying in circular motions to raise and soften hairs. Shave as normal.

4 oz. | Our Sea in Color salt scrubs are the more gentle alternative to Sugar Fixe Body Scrubs. Sea in Color is a mix of magnesium rich Epsom salt and aromatherapeutic blends of essential oils or pure fragrance.

3.5 oz. | Loofah Soap. Our organic soaps with loofah inside will exfoliate your skin and keep it baby smooth. Wet Loofah Soap and rub between hands or on an area of your body. Use loofah surface and varying pressure for the desired exfoliation.