Ginger Limeade - Nectar of the Vines Drink Mixes

  • $15.00

Calling all Moscow Mule lovers...


A combination of ginger-lime, this unique flavor tastes best when mixed with chardonnay, and provides a delicious wine slushy your taste-buds will thank you for. This frappé can also be made with hard liquor, like vodka! 

The combinations are endless for tasty beverages you can make! You can make them frappe style by mixing with wine, cocktails with spirits or delicious non-alcoholic beverages when mixed with water, club soda or sprite. 

Each bag makes 8-10 beverages  

Features & details

  • Mix, Freeze, and Enjoy!
  • Can be made with wine, alcohol, or just water/soda.
  • Great drink mix for all occasions!
  • No need for blender or ice but can definitely make “quickly” that way if you would like 
  • Can use the whole bag to make a full pitcher at a time or store in sealed container using 1-2 TBSP or mix at a time to create single servings.