Black Harlow Harem Pants

  • $19.99


Imagine the amazing feeling of leggings but with fit of joggers! If you love the Harper Harem shorts, you’re sure to love Harlow! 

The construction is unbelievable: Strong, Soft, Comfortable. You will love these Harem Pants!

Waist Panel: Hybrid between the Harper Harem Shorts and our Piper Leggings. Our Harem Pants have both a wide yoga fold and elastic to provide a comfortable fit, plus pockets.

Fit: same preferred sizing as the Harem shorts. 

S/M: size 0-8

L/XL: Size 8-14

Curvy: 16-20/22

*If you have a bigger booty/thighs and on the higher end of a size and wanting a more relaxed fit in the thigh, I would suggest going up unless you want more of a fitted leggings/biker shorts fit than stick with smaller. 

Their size chart had l/xl going through 16 but definitely looked like biker shorts on me so I edited.  My friend who is a size 8 and also says she carries her weight in booty/hips said the same thing about S/M fitting like fitted biker shorts and preferred L/XL. 

Material: 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton
Teen: 38" Length, 26" Inseam, 11.5" Hip to hip
S/M: 38.5" Length, 27" Inseam, 13" Hip to hip
L/XL: 39" Length, 28" Inseam, 14" Hip to hip
Curvy: 40.5" Length, 28" Inseam, 18" Hip to hip