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Soberdough Bread Mix (multiple flavors)

Soberdough Bread Mix (multiple flavors)

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Soup Season just got even better!

Home baked bread made simple. Just add beer (or whatever carbonated beverage you’d like). No baking skills required. -- Receiving accolades from Real Simple, Rachel Ray, Good Housekeeping, Wall Street Journal and many others… Soberdough’s reputation for amazing bread that anyone can make (by simply adding beer) grew them from farmers markets into stores nationwide.

Pour - Stir - Bake -- Just add beer to make the best bread ever! Most are just beverage added only. Some flavors require extras like cheesy garlic you’ll add cheese, cornbread and the Brewnies you’ll add an egg and butter.

100% all natural ingredients. - Dairy-free and soy-free. - Made in a nut-free facility.

What to use? For milder flavor use a standard beer like Miller, Bud, etc. For craft beer lovers you can play around with flavors adding ales, lagers, porters and more.

Don’t want to use alcohol? no problem! Use carbonated water, Club Soda or NA beer like Odouls. 

For sweeter breads you can try using hard ciders, or sparkling apple cider. For the desserts, you can use dark stouts. 

SHELF LIFE: Soberdough mixes do not spoil if properly stored in a dry place. For best quality we suggest baking within 3 years of purchase.

Flavor Options:

Classic: This is the mix that started it all. A comfort bread. The classic packs the perfect balance of contrast between sweet and salty. A moist, fluffy texture to enjoy with any meal.

Cornbread and Ale: Our customer's most requested flavor! This cornbread is a very moist version with a slight sweetness but not too much! Great bread to get creative with.

Apple Fritter: The sweet apple flavor throughout mixed with cinnamon and brown sugar is delectable. This one is a serious bread for every foodie's desire.

Roasted Garlic: This bread with it's fragrant roasted garlic and herbs makes for an incredible bite. Perfect for any meal and dipping in olive oil.

Cheesy Garlic: Cheese, garlic, and herbs make a wonderful blend for moist bread your guests will come back for more.

Everything: Just like the Everything Bagel but in bread form! Delicious toasted with cream cheese. - 100% all natural ingredients.

Cinnamon Swirl: Our answer to the customers who don't like raisins! All the lusciousness of cinnamon and brown sugar swirled throughout the bread but without the raisins.

Honey Wheat: A blend of wholesome wheat, oats, and sweetened with a touch of honey. This hearty bread is loaded with flavor. Excellent toasting bread. 

Hatch Green Chile: Not a spicy bread. We make it for the flavor of the chiles without the heat.

Rosemary: blends herbs and fresh cracked pepper for a whirlwind of flavor. This bread will be a wonderful complement to your favorite Italian dish, or a great bread to snack on with some olive oil.

Sea Salt Cracker Pepper: Sea salt and cracked pepper was a featured "Road Test Winner" for bread mixes in Real Simple Magazine.

Pumpkin Spice: This classic moist pumpkin bread is a seasonal hit... spiced with cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and cloves. This bread gets even better the day after you have baked it! The pumpkin is already in the mix. 100% all natural ingredients. No oils which means less fat.

Mimosa Muffins - Just add bubbly and you have yourself a dozen delicious muffins to enjoy for brunch.

Sundried Tomato Pesto - Sun dried tomatoes and pesto have always complemented each other to perfection. The light sweetness of tomatoes sun dried in California paired with a homemade basil pesto to drizzle on top might just make this our best bread yet!

Herb & Olive Foccacia - dimpled foccacia bread infused with Italian herbs and olives.   Delicious for dipping into flavored olive oils. 

Chocolate Stout Brewnie - A Brewnie is a brownie or blondie deliciouosly baked with beer. That’s why we call it a “Brew”nie!

Snickerdoodle Brewnie - A Brewnie is a brownie or blondie deliciouosly baked with beer. That’s why we call it a “Brew”nie!







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