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Hanging Oil Diffusers

Hanging Oil Diffusers

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These things smell AHHHmazing and a great alternative to car fresheners or fragrance satchels. Not only can they be used in cars but are great for small spaces like bathrooms, closets, laundry room, etc. The strings come scented as well so you don't even have to open them up to try out smelling them. 


Step 1: Remove wooden lid + stopper. 

Step 2: Screw wooden lid back on. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN. 

Step 3: Carefully tie onto rearview mirror or hang from desired location.

Step 4: Tip upside down for 2-3 seconds. 

Hang at all times to avoid leakage. If leakage occurs, wipe immediately. Avoid contact with eyes, furnishings, and car interior. DO NOT INGEST. 

Size is 8mL. All diffusers last about 2-3 months. If you are frequently tipping it to refresh the lid, it may go a little quicker. The oils are essential oil based, mixed with certified clean fragrance- California Prop 65 free and free of parabens/pthalates.

Most diffusers have a little glitter or flower petals inside. A few are just oils with no filler and noted below. Bottle shape may vary. 

Scent list:
Amber Rouge: Jasmine • Amber • Saffron (dupe to Baccarat Rouge 540) Bottle shape may vary. Decorative filler: roses.
Apple Farm: Apple • Green Leaves • Cedar Decorative filler: none added
Atlantis: Ozone • Musk • Sandalwood Has decorative filler: black holographic glitter.
Bahama Mama: Pineapple • Coconut • Mango Bottle shape may vary. Decorative filler: dried colored flowers/puff flowers. 
Beach Nights: Sea Salt • Peony • Marine Decorative filler: dried flowers various colors. Flowers & bottle shape may vary.
Blueberry Cheesecake: Blueberry • Graham Cracker • Cream Decorative filler: none
Cowboy Kisses: Plum • Amber • Musk Decorative filler: none added
Georgia Peach: Peach • Mango • Papaya Decorative filler: orange glitter. 
Happy Birthday: Buttercream • Vanilla • Sugar Decorative filler: faux sprinkles
High Tide: Jasmine • Sea Salt • Citrus Has a decorative filler: glitter.
Iced Vanilla: Whiskey • Vanilla • Oak Decorative filler: none
Lava: Tropical Fruit • Sugared Orange • Woodland Greens (dupe to Volcano, Capri Blue) Decorative filler: royal blue glitter.
Love Spell: Peach • Grapefruit • Cherry Blossom Decorative filler: dried flowers. MAY DIFFER BETWEEN 2 DIFFERENT FLOWERS
Lovely Lavender: Lavender • Eucalyptus • Cedar Has decorative filler: real lavender buds
Luxe Linen: White Tea • Linen • Sandalwood  • Patchouli Smells similar to Capri Blue Jean. 
Mango Tango: Orange • Mango • Coconut Cream  Has a decorative filler: flowers
Pink Sugar: Berries • Freesia • Vanilla  Decorative filler: pink glitter. 
Pistachio & Cream: Amaretto • Coconut Milk • Salted Caramel (similar scent to Sol De Janeiro's Cheirosa 62) Decorative filler: gold glitter
Saddle Up! (Leather): Leather • Amber Saffron No decorative filler added. 
Sea Salt Nectar: Orchid, Sea Salt, Amber Decorative filler: dried flowers
Strawberries & Cream: Strawberries • Sugar • Cream Decorative filler: polymer clay strawberries
Suit & Tie: Marine • Dark Musk • Bamboo (masculine scent)No decorative filler added. 
90's Breakfast: Lemon • Cereal • Orange (Decorative filler: dried flowers)

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